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Unique & Adorable Fall Door Hangers

It’s Fall Y’all!! 

Bring on the big sweaters, boots and pumpkin spice everything! One of my all time favorite things about fall is decorating my house inside and out to celebrate the new season.

One very unique and adorable way to add a little fall flair is to my front door. What can I say, I like to make an entrance (yes, yes, bad joke I know.. but hey sometimes you have to laugh at yourself right?)! Now when someone usually thinks of a front door decoration, they think of the boring old fake flower wreath.

Now Ya’ll, I will fully admit I have those wreaths lying around in storage. One problem I found with them though, is that they fade over time and get dingy and dirty. Also, one time, I had a bird build a nest in one and when I walked up to my front door, the bird flew out and hit me in the face! Needless to say that was a very scary experience, haha!

So I was in a dilemma, I wanted something to hang on my door but it needed to be cute, weather resistant and not a good piece of real estate for a birds nest.

Then I found it! These unique and adorable wooden door hangers! These door hangers are the bomb and they come in unfinished wood so you can paint them however you want! I’ll also let you in on a secret… I found them for under $15 at groopdealz!!

So here you go.. go ahead and swoon! 

Single Letter Wooden Door Hanger

Make an entrance with this single letter wooden door hanger

Jack-O-Lantern Wooden Door Hanger 

Unique Wooden Jack-O-Lantern Door Hanger

Wooden Initial Pumpkin Door Hanger

Wooden Monogram Pumpkin Door Hanger

Spider Web Wooden Door Hanger 

Spider Web Wooden Door Hanger

Wooden Spider Door Hanger

Wooden Spider Door Hanger


Wooden Acorn Door Hanger

Wooden Acorn Door Hanger


Wooden Leaf Door Hanger

Wooden Leaf Door hanger


Wooden Tractor Door Hanger

Wooden Tractor Door Hanger

and again.. Happy Fall Ya’ll!


Ashley Mae