Bow Me A Kiss Valentines Day Dress

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Roses are red, Violets are blue.. I LOVE this Bow Me A Kiss dress, and you will too!

Where did January go!? It feels like it was just Christmas last week! Was anyone elses January as CRAZY as mine!? I feel like I have been a little MIA, but that should change really soon, I promise!

Since today is the first day of Feburary,  Love is officially in the air! I have always loved Feburary because my favorite color is red and it seems to pop up everywhere this time of year. I also love love. Yes cheesy I know, but love really gets me. I am a huge romantic at heart and I just can’t help but get gushy when I see love displayed. Whose with me!?

I have never been one to dress up for Valentines day because well honestly, I’m on of those day after Valentines day girls where all the candy is 50% off (haha). Seriously, I have even made my husband promise that he will wait until Feburary 15th to buy me chocolate (which he loves.. hey, any way to save some money right!?). BUT when I saw this dress, I knew I had to have it! I mean it is right up a  Southern Belle’s alley! BOWS & A POOFY SKIRT! I immediatly ordered it and waited anxiously for it to come in.

It arrived more gorgeous than the photo and the material was so satin soft! I quickly called my photographer to schedule a shoot. However, here is a funny story.. about an hour before my photographer was coming over, I put on the dress to see which shoes I wanted to wear and IT WOULDN’T ZIP over my boobs (tear, tear, tear…)! So, just a side note buy a size up because the top runs small, haha! So, I needed to improvise!

I called my good friend Sydney over and asked if she could model a dress for me! So this is my beautiful friend Sydney who was so happy to help!

I have linked this particular dress here and I have also linked  LuLu*s Valentines Day Dress selection here!

Hope you enjoy!


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