In 2014, my husband Benjamin and I had a huge year! We got engaged, I started school again to pursue a new career, Ben started a new job, we got married AND bought our very first home together. Chaotic to say the least!

When we sat down to discuss with our realtor (by the way, if you are looking to buy in the Raleigh NC area, I HIGHLY recommend our realtor, Tracy Hoggard, you can find her info HERE ) we had a long list of must haves with a small budget. Like most naive first home buyers, we wanted it all at our price.

We quickly learned that we needed to compromise and decided after looking at many turn key ready homes that were super small that we were ready to take on a fixer upper. Looking back, I might have just been really inspired by Joanna Gaines, because lets face it, the girl makes a wreck of a house into a dream home!

So, after touring about 40 houses (yes, thats right, 40…Thank you Tracy for being so patient, best realtor ever!)  we landed our home, sweet when we update it, home. I remember my first reaction walking through it, it had CHARM and an original brick fireplace, but I was not loving all the painted over wallpaper!

However I saw potential and immediately wanted to start knocking down walls and putting up shiplap, you know, true Joanna Gaines style!

Welcome to our comfortable, happy, sometimes loud and crazy, usually messy, full of love home!

We moved in on December 5th, 2014 and the DIY projects began and haven’t stopped lol! So, grab some sweet tea and make sure to follow our journey to making our house a home!


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