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Top affliate programs to make you money - even as a brand new blogger!

Okay, Yall if I am being real the number one question I have gotten about blogging is how do you make money? Well, to be honest, I myself am still trying to figure that out AND I’m sure the blogger making $10,000 a month is also still trying to figure it out.

Why, you ask?

Lets take a look around.. there are SO many bloggers out there trying to make it big and the online community and strategies are forever changing. I found this out real QUICK! After hours and hours spent on SO much hard work and feeling totally defeated, I told myself that I will always be real with my followers when sharing my strategies.

So, I’m glad you’re here. You will not find the cookie cutter “How I made $1,000 in one week” post here, instead you are going to find the messy road I have been traveling with my blogging journey and girlfriend I will grab your hand and we can navigate together.. what do you say!?


So, getting to the title of the post, Top Affiliate Programs To Make You Money, I am going to quickly share a few programs that I have found that has brought in some revenue for my little corner of the internet. I hope this helps you in anyway and always feel free to message me with questions!

1.) Share-A-Sale

Now, I have to say this has been my favorite affiliate program to date! It is free to join and once a member, you can apply to many different companies (merchants)  in which you can make a profit if someone buys items from your link.

Some of the companies I am a part of through this platform are , & There are over 4,000 merchants/companies with this program ranging from ALL types of categories so anyone in any niche is bound to find an affliliate partner through Shareasale.

2.) SkimLinks

So, this affiliate program was the second one I ever joined and I have loved it ever since. With over 25,000 merchants you can partner with, you will have a blast promoting this company on your blog. This program also has a HUGE range in category of merchants so you can sell anything from clothes and fashion, automotives, entertainment to business!

BONUS…This site also comes with a plugin you can download on your site and any link you put on your site will automatically be scanned to see if they fit a merchant on skimlinks and you get a commission! For example, I posted a shirt from  not knowing they were part of skimlinks and ended up getting a commision because skimlinks scanned the link!! SCORE! Some other top companies they are partnered with are Nordstrom, H&M, lululemon, Anthropologie, Amazon & Freepeople.

3.) Shopstyle Collective 

This affiliate platform is a little different from the 2 above in that you get money per click regardless if any items were purchased from your link and you can search by brands instead of merchant. I also love this program because you can create “Shop” widgets to put directly on your posts which creates a carousel type slider with all the items you are advertising in that post.( I have posted an example below )

These widgets allow you to go in and create a “look” and then create the widget to post right on your post. I will say that this program has items a little more on the pricey side but you can still find some cheaper items too! This site is also more specific to clothing/handbags/shoes and accessories so probably more appropriate for the fashion or lifestyle blogger.

4.) Convertkit 

Okay, so this one is a little different but it is worth sharing! Convertkit is a email system specifically designed for bloggers and businesses. It has SO many amazing features that reach above and beyond any other emailing system I have encountered. They also do affiliate programs when someone signs up for their services through your link.

So an easy way to share this platform?.. how about everytime you send out a newsletter or email you include a link to also sign up for convert kit or you can place an ad on your site advertising convertkit! The commission is pretty high on this one so why not share a product you love using ( and if you aren’t using it yet, you will LOVE it when you do).

5.) Siteground

Okay Okay again this one is a little different but after I had a horrible experience with my first hosting site, I just can’t give this site enough praise! I originally started out on the free platform and quickly realized it did not hold the freedom I needed and wanted so I made the switch to I chose a hosting site that someone else recommended and let me tell you it was a COMPLETE nightmare. My site got hacked 5 times, I lost EVERYTHING multiple times and I was on customer service FOR HOURS with everyone telling me a something different.

So, I switched hosting companies and I am SO SO SO glad I did. I can not recommend siteground enough. Since the switch a year ago I have had NO issues with my site and the customer service is so fast and so so helpful. When people ask me about blogging, the first thing I say is use and use siteground for your hosting. They also have an amazing referral/affiliate program too which you can advertize on your site at the footer or with an ad. I promise if you use them you will love them as much as I do and want to shout their praises from the rooftops (so why not get paid for it too?)


I hope you enjoyed this article & I will keep updating it if I stumble upon any other Affliate Sites I like! Remember, blogging is hard, BUT you’re doing great and I am ALWAYS here with any questions you have.


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    May 10, 2017 at 10:06 pm

    Great article! I am so sick of the cookie cutter, “I made a bazillion dollars in am hour” type articles. Over a year in and I am still trying to figure out monetization.

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