Are you a Blogger or Entrepreneur who feels like your drowning in a sea of other bloggers & Entreprenuers? Or maybe you havent’t started your adventure of pursuing a blog or business because you just have NO idea where to start?

I feel you, I’ve been there. I’ve watched SO many webinars from others telling you how to make $1000 in one month, or how to grow your instagram by 1000 followers in one week etc…

While those webinars are great, I never feel like I can’t relate because these girls seem to have it all together. Anyone else feel that way?

The truth is, none of us have it all together!

We all struggle and we all seem to want the same things. So why not help each other acheive those goals and BE REAL ABOUT IT and not make empty promises.

So, when I sat down at the end of 2016 to make some blog changes in 2017, I decided I wanted to share my love of blogging & marketing with my readers. I have gotten SO MANY questions from my followers asking advice on blogging, instagram tips & how to organically grow your audience.

While I started to answer these questions, I had a thought. What if I could put all these answers into one place? After much prayer and planning, I decided thats exactly what I was going to do.

Coming this year, I will be launching a different part of The Belle Life Blog, called The Beautifully Created.

My plan for this adventure, is to put all my resources in one place and build a COMMUNITY of like-minded women to help and support each other along the way of successfully growing their beautiful creations and businesses.

As a Christian, I believe we were beautifully created for something beautiful. I know, that without Jesus in my life, I would be no where near where I am today. So, along with the marketing aspect of The Beautifully Created you will also get my biblical knowledge through bible studies.

I am hoping to have this new Adventure Up and Running really soon! But in the mean time, you can follow along on instagram at The Beautifully Created.

I can not WAIT to go on this new adventure with you!


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